Twice hunted, and thrice lost I’m the one they haunt the most My skin burns hot, underneath this frost I made it out, but at what cost?

Not made of stone, my pitted heart I’m flesh and bone, easily torn apart I’m a human being, not a flow chart I’m done with enduring, time to depart

From this norm I’ll break free I’ll break shit and climb a tree I’ll go dunk into the sea Fully clothed in winter

I’m done with these shackles of social norms Done with jail cells we call our homes I’ll break your laws and tear your forms Let’s see what comes when no one conforms

My soul is free, and it shall fly Grow new wings and hit the sky The world is big but we all tie… Ourselves to golden posts and cry

So fuck this chain and gilded cage Fuck this play and fuck this stage I’ll revolt against this age I’ll let out all this rage

Fuck this need to feel secure Fuck the disease and fuck the cure I’ll no longer bear and I’ll not endure I’ll break this mould, I know for sure

I’ll cry out when I feel some pain I’ll show disdain and I’ll complain I’ll talk back and I won’t restrain… Myself from punching back ever again

Keep your walled garden, Where you’re prisoner, And you’re the warden. Draw on walls, Make some art But when your sky falls You’ll have to start Over

You keep your lovely prison cell Your sterile walls and empty shell Keep your ego, make it swell Keep your high horse, And broken citadel

Years fly by, they never pause Time goes by, have no remorse When life bites you, grab her jaws Don’t take shit and break her claws Head-butt her back, and bite her paws

Don’t ever give a fuck about your flaws Don’t seek punishment nor seek applause You are who you are, just because No need for a reason, nor for a cause You’re who you are now, not whoever was

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