The Law

Decay and death are the only law It was what God once decreed And since the ancient times till now No soul from this decree was freed We’re born, we live, we multiply We invent cars and learn to fly But if we ever decide to try To break the law, to never die The earth shall withhold And heavens, deny And so above, and so below We’re all but seaweeds in an undertow Our wills can’t resist the ruthless flow You can’t control what you can’t bestow Our lives are feathers flying to A wall of steel, they can’t go through It’s time to die and rejoin the queue Of all the dead awaiting The thing you’ll ask on your deathbed: What righteous path did I ever tread? Was my life worth this blood I shed? Or was I steered and misled? ‘Cause no one will die in your stead Your life will hang by a single thread And all the tears you left unshed Will now demand retribution You’ll live the nightmare you always dread And in that moment, inside your head Your raving thoughts will seethe and spread Today the madness you shall wed You’ll offer your children, your every kid The ones you raised, the ones you fed To relieve the pain, you’ll bargain ahead And after all was done and said You will decay, you will be dead

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