Some words call Some words maul Some words stall And some words fall On deaf ears And some grow tall

Words flow like a river Words grow like trees Some words will last forever Some will spread like disease Some words die Some words try Some words cry Some words barely hang by And some words fly Some words take wing and reach the sky

Some words burn brighter than the sun Some words stun Some more dangerous than a gun And some words just want to have fun Some words we shun Some words we tell to everyone

Some words are sad Some words are bad Some are ramblings And some are mad Some words rhyme And some just pad

Some words are negative And some are positive Some are sedentary And some are evocative Some words are passive And some are provocative

Words have dynamics and state Words have charge and weight Words have momentum we can appreciate A property we can’t properly estimate Words have energy we can debate Words have property and trait Words have gravity Words can alter fate

Imagine a universe made of letters Where the molecules represent words Adjectives, verbs, and nouns All chained in neatly cords Imagine their laws of physics Imagine their atomic bonds

Imagine two stars colliding And merging down their meanings Imagine a blackhole’s gravity Sending a prose careening

Imagine letter peptides Recombining, hydrolysing Imagine complex reactions Imagine life arising Imagine little meanings Oxidising, ionising Competing for resources Minimising, maximising Imagine tiny phrases Evolving and specialising Then forming complex proses Fighting and organising

Into your words You breathe new life Words are alive ‘Doodad’ and ‘wife’ It matters not for which you speak Harmony… or strife

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