I’m evil and twisted That’s how I roll No such evil ever existed I’m outta control I egg cars with remote control I evade any cops on patrol One day I’ll trap them With an artificial black hole For now I’ll stick with my RC mole I play the evil guy in any RPG On PC or on an evil console I evicted Santa out of the north pole On that message board I troll And when I got banned ‘cuz I’m on parole Then I made a new account and went for more

I’m an evil genius With plans to rule the universe All my plans ingenious With results adverse

I aim to dim the stars I’ll steal a bucket of paint And Elon’s rocket to Mars.

But I need funding for my plans So to begin with, I’ll sell children Boxes of toy cigars

I will break the sun I will steal the moon I will make you run I will make you swoon

Wait, wait. That was a joke Please don’t ban me again I swear my keyboard broke

#stupid #random #poetry