Corruption smells like roses Till the petals touch your lips They turn to poisonous nettles Like the best relationships

They seep into your veins And change you from within When you think you’re done with pains Brand new blisters fill your skin

Insidious changes make you blame yourself It wasn't your decisions that made you do this It was the poison, it made you blind and deaf And you never noticed anything was amiss

Love corrupts perspectives And takes away your choices Love makes you protective And silences all other voices

Love breaks common sense And corrupts your logical thinking It breaks down any defense And your horizons start shrinking

Love is a construct humans made To justify their innate meekness Love is a construct we use to evade Confronting our own weakness

Love is for those who feel insecure In their own futures Love is the promise of a cure But is usually just sutures

Love is an empty promise, Delivered on rosy lips A ploy from a wily goddess Torture. No flails, nor whips

Cull frailty and weakness Escape from her grips Don’t fall for her meekness And beware her tricks

Say no to the temptress As she spreads her legs Be resolute, astute Stay away from her webs

Be unflappable, resolute While she spins her threads Make plans and execute When the corruption spreads

Love is a broken mirror, Beholden by the needy, A mistake, a cognitive error, For a psyche that’s always greedy.

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