What if superposition was an optimisation, to defer computation? What if you needed cognition to survive, for any time or duration.

What if reality shifts and blurs, if we don't look hard and stare? What if the past occurs, when we actually check what's there? What if measurement incurs, a lazy evaluation? What if every act spurs, a further escalation?

What if the universe is always in flux, and superposition? What if its only resort and the crux is evolving cognition?

What if we're the threads that bind reality together? What if this whole world can't be, without our tether?

We observe the world through light and sound. We always touch things and look around. We observe the sun through her light. We observe the stars throughout the night.

What if the universe needs curiosity? What if it wants us to gain velocity? What if it wants us out, amongst the stars? What if it wants us there, beyond Mars?

What if we're the glue, and we're the witness? What if we're the flu, to cure the sickness? What if we're the crew, to patch the weakness? What if we're the clue, it needs to fix this?