I know that pyre I’ve once been burned and set afire I won’t look up. I won’t aspire Tantalising. A grave desire I can feel the thorny brier I can taste the electric wire I can smell the burning tyre Make it fierce and make it dire I’m not here to garner ire I’m here to walk into that fire

I feel the wind against my skin As I fall towards my ender It beckons and welcomes me like kin All it wants is my surrender Nothing will make up for my sin Like the end of this pretender The earth welcomes with a grin With open arms. So fond and tender

I fall and sink into the bed of leaves Gaia beckons, and Gaia believes That every lost soul receives What every lost soul once achieves Every marauder that steals and reaves And every soiled soul that thieves Shall meet an end that it conceives As Just an end as it perceives