Digitally Relevant

Here I go again Opening google Searching for my name Thirsty for mentions Thirsty for fame Social media is to blame They moulded us to seek acclaim Supplied our need for validation And to our time, they have a claim Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, whatever Whore and make a duckface, lame Take some selfies on the shitter You’re gonna be stuck with it forever After your thirty minutes of shame Your dignity will no longer be the same Anything for mentions, anything for views Be digitally relevant, go on the news Create a new meme, try to amuse You’re a YouTuber, prank and abuse Lie and slander, make an excuse Beat a homeless person, light a fuse Film some meth-heads licking your feet Give them dough and they’ll act sweet Put it on Instagram, on YouTube All for a hook, all for a scoop Let’s film a midget dance with a freak With a violin track to make it more bleak Bring in some strippers for teens that peek Let’s make this freak-show more unique